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      ARKTOS company is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment. The company was founded in 1998 and now comprises two factories located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and an aerodynamics and acoustic research laboratory. The production facilities total area of 10.000 m2 is equipped with up-to-date imported and locally produced machinery.

      From the very start ARKTOS has aimed at high quality products output. Nowadays, ARKTOS is not just a modern factory with high-precision equipment and automated production lines, but a solid team of high-skilled specialists, who manufacture ventilation products of the same grade as imported analogues, using the most advanced technologies, researches and original developments of their own.

      After it has succeeded in implementing the task, and longing to get an official acknowledgement of the product high level, ARKTOS started striving for certification procedures according to ISO 9000 International Standard.

      In 2003 the grade of ARKTOS development and production of ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment has successfully passed inspection in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management system. The certification was conducted by "Russian Register" Association, the member of International Association of Classification Societies having among its members such organizations as Lloyds, Veritas Bureau, German Lloyds, the US Navigation Bureau and others.

      The products' quality has been highly evaluated by the customers not only in Russia and former USSR countries, but also in the Baltic states, Finland, Germany, Ireland. After this international recognition, ARKTOS keeps on upgrading of its production capabilities and has no intention to rest on the laurels, raising the "bar of quality" even higher to meet at full extent the requirements of the most exacting customers - users of ventilation equipment.